Apple addresses MacDefender malware issue

Darren Allan

May 25, 2011

Apple has finally moved to address the problem of the MacDefender malware (also known as MacProtector and MacSecurity).

These are different names for a scareware spoof anti-virus program which hoovers up the Mac user’s details once installed.

This has been known about for a while now but not officially addressed by Apple until the release of the support page here, which details how to avoid installing the malware, and how to remove it if the scam has already hit your machine.

Apple notes that in “the coming days” the company will push out a Mac OS X update which will automatically seek and destroy the malware, and provide a warning should the user download the scareware program.

The Mac’s reputation as the secure environment worlds away from the constant malware attacks on the far more prevalent Windows has taken something of a blow from this affair.

While it’s certainly true that the Mac has less malware aimed at it, the danger is that this leads to an attitude of complacency which can’t be afforded.


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  1. Shadow says:

    Apple the land of the malware free. NOT ANY MORE! :D

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