Berners-Lee says Twitter doesn’t do reasoned discussion

Darren Allan

May 25, 2011

Web-meister Sir Tim Berners-Lee has been talking social networks at the New Web conference at the Royal Society.

And the subject of Twitter came up, with Berners-Lee being somewhat scathing of the level of debate which he witnessed when the concept of net neutrality was discussed on the social network.

According to a report in the Telegraph, he noted: “All the tweets were extreme”, further asking: “Is Twitter going to be a part of [the future of the web]? We need something a bit more sophisticated.”

Although by its very 140 character nature, Twitter is designed to be short and succinct, to encourage to-the-point debate. And of course seemingly extreme views or statements will sometimes be a part of this.

Summarising, he said Twitter wasn’t a place for reasoned discussion, and that social networks in the future should be cross-platform and able to talk to each other. Certainly, the latter statement is a valid goal.


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