Nokia Oro gold-plated bling-phone announced

Darren Allan

May 26, 2011

Nokia has unveiled a smartphone with a difference – it’s plated with 18-carat gold.

The flash looking Nokia Oro (Oro is Italian for gold) also sports a sapphire crystal as the home button, and leather from “one of Scotland’s finest Caledonian herds” on the back cover.

Tech specs include a 3.5 inch AMOLED display, an 8 megapixel camera (which is capable of 720p recording), 3G, wi-fi and Symbian Anna.

Basically, it’s a fairly standard Nokia smartphone but for the bling and leather. As Nokia notes: “The Nokia Oro is a device that’s clearly intended for someone who doesn’t want their mobile device to look the same as other people’s.”

The main markets for the smartphone will be the Middle East and Russia, where such ostentatious displays of mobile technology are apparently the key to social standing.

However, this is no Stuart Hughes solid gold million pound monster, of course, and the leather on the rear cover means the whole handset isn’t plated in gold. It’s expected to cost around 800 to 1000 Euros, so won’t exactly break the bank.

Mind you, anyone buying it in the UK will probably also need to hire a bodyguard if they intend to travel on public transport or around inner cities while blabbing on the gold-clad mugger-magnet.


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