Modern Warfare 3 co-op campaign isn’t happening

Darren Allan

May 27, 2011

Yesterday, excitement broke out in many corners of the net over the apparent revelation that Modern Warfare 3 would have a two player co-op campaign mode.

Well, that excitement has had a bucket of water tipped over it by Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling who today clarified the issue.

The stick was grabbed at the wrong end by many folks when the General Manager of co-developer Sledgehammer Games made a comment at the Modern Warfare 3 demonstration, where he talked about Spec Ops and two player co-op.

Many took this to mean two player co-op was coming to the main MW3 campaign, when it actually referred to Spec Ops only.

When asked “What’s this about the #MW3 Campaign being Co-Op”, Bowling clarified in a tweet: “That was in reference to Special Ops coming back in #MW3 with new modes and features.”

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is due out on November 8th, on Xbox, PS3 and PC.


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  1. Lefty5794 says:

    He hasn’t ruled it out completely, he just said that it hasn’t been announced yet

  2. anon55563 says:

    But he kinda has ruled it out completely.

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