Sony PS4 development underway

Darren Allan

May 27, 2011

Previously both Microsoft and Sony have taken the stance that they intend to get a lot more mileage out of the PS3 and Xbox 360 before the next generation of consoles come along.

Indeed, Microsoft saw the Kinect as a refresh for the console which will prolong its life considerably – or that’s the plan. Thus far, while the tech is certainly very impressive, the games line-up has been thin on the ground and very casual-oriented.

Anyway, back to matters PlayStation, as Sony’s Chief Financial Officer recently let slip that development on the PS4 is now underway.

According to a report on Gamasutra, Masaru Kato stated: “The PS3 still has product life, but this is a platform business. So for the future [of the] platform, when will we introduce it? What product? I can not discuss that. But development work is already underway.”

Of course, this is still the very early stages, and the release could still be a very long way off. In fact, that’s likely to be the case as has previously been mooted.

Sony has taken rather a hammering lately, with its latest fiscal results showing an overall loss for the third consecutive year. However, the PlayStation division did actually make a profit in the last financial year.

Launching the PS3 was an expensive business with big initial losses, however, and the CFO also told investors that Sony wasn’t planning to hit the same lofty levels of investment with the next console when it emerges.

Now the PS3 is turning more profitable, Sony is likely to want to milk that for as long as it can. Sony reckons it will flog some 15 million PS3s this year.


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