The Skype is falling – service crashes, Microsoft cops flak

Darren Allan

May 27, 2011

Skype hit trouble yesterday as some users across the world found they had trouble logging on to the service.

Immediate finger pointing began as Microsoft has only just acquired Skype a couple of weeks back. Many (some admittedly joking) observed that perhaps MS was already messing around behind the scenes…

Of course, regulatory approval of the deal hasn’t actually gone through yet, so Skype and Microsoft are still running as separate businesses currently.

Skype announced that the problem, which predominantly affected Windows users but also Mac and Linux Skypers, was caused by a corruption occurring that hit a “small percentage” of accounts.

Later on yesterday, an update for Skype on Windows was released to solve the issue. A curing update for the application on the Mac is expected to arrive at some point today.

Meanwhile, if you’re suffering and can’t wait, manual instructions for solving the issue are provided here.

Microsoft paid a whopping $8.5 billion for Skype in what was seen as a highly surprising or even desperate looking move by the company, which is struggling to stay relevant in the mobile arena by chucking huge wedges of cash at it (the Nokia deal being another case in point).


Comments in chronological order (5 comments)

  1. Laurence says:

    help!! I dont understand the quick fix- how long before the slow fix arrives??

  2. fmcmahon says:

    when am i going to get my skype back, i’ve tried everything but still can’t sign in,

  3. Darren Allan says:

    The fix I linked to isn’t the quick fix, it’s the more technical manual fix.

    The quick fix - only available for Windows - is to simply update your client to the latest version by downloading it on the Skype site.

    If you’re on Mac, that won’t work, but an updated version is supposed to be on the way today.

  4. David says:

    The skype quickfix, & the new version, did not work for me. Instead, I used System Restore (XP) to get back to 2/5/11 (a guess at the time)& bingo…….! Make sure you disable Skypes Auto Update afterwards.

  5. Shadow says:

    Forget Skype it sucks

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