Nvidia 3D Vision wired glasses introduced, more wallet-friendly

Darren Allan

May 30, 2011

Nvidia has unveiled a wired version of its wireless 3D Vision glasses, which weigh in at a more budget price level.

The company claims the new glasses offer the same quality and features as the wireless goggles, but at the more affordable price point of $99 (compared to $149).

The new incarnation of the active shutter specs comes with a 10 foot long USB 2.0 cable, with no batteries required. They support over 65 different types of devices including 3D Vision monitors, notebooks and projectors.

Phil Eisler, General Manager of 3D Vision at Nvidia, commented: “3D Vision provides gamers and enthusiasts with the world’s largest ecosystem of 3D products and features. 3D fans have been waiting for more affordable glasses, and we’re expecting our new 3D Vision wired glasses to hit the sweet spot for them.”

We’re still yet to be sold on the virtues of 3D – or at least glasses-based 3D anyway, the 3DS is a pretty nifty piece of tech.

If you fancy them, however, Nvidia’s 3D Vision wired glasses will be available later next month, although UK pricing hasn’t yet been announced.


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