Rumour: Sony NGP memory halved to stay competitive with 3DS

Darren Allan

May 30, 2011

The latest rumour about Sony’s upcoming Next Generation Portable (NGP) is that the company is cutting costs with the innards so it can match up to the 3DS price tag.

The 3DS was announced with a £230 RRP but that swiftly dropped to £200, and went downwards from there. You can now pick one up for £157 at Currys as we reported earlier today.

And given that back at the start of the year, the predicted cost of the NGP was around £300, it would make sense that Sony was looking at trimming some hardware hedges to keep costs down further.

The rumour, reported by 01net (via Kotaku) claims that the NGP has had its Ram halved from 512MB to 256MB, and the planned 16GB of built-in storage is no more, with external storage cards to be used instead.

Sony isn’t messing with the graphics memory, according to the grapevine, but of course this is all speculation. No specs have ever been officially announced.

There’s a ring of truth about it all, though, and Sony will certainly have to do better than £300 if it wants to flog its NGP given the price mark the 3DS is now at.


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