Eutelsat switches on Tooway broadband satellite

Darren Allan

June 1, 2011

Eutelsat has announced that its Tooway broadband service via the KA-SAT satellite is now live in Europe, providing a new option for those in rural broadband not-spots who are stuck in the online dark ages.

Consumers will be able to benefit from connections of up to 10Mbps downstream and 4Mbps uploads. Packages will start at a basic 6Mbps with 1Mbps upload, which costs around the £25 per month mark.

The slight downside is that you’ll need a 77cm satellite dish installed at your property. This costs £200, and a further £100 for installation unless you fancy tackling the job yourself (just mind those mossy roof tiles).

So it won’t be the cheapest solution in the world, particularly if you want a higher level package, but the basic 6Mbps isn’t bad and will certainly be a fantastic boost for those still on dial-up.

While the latency of satellite connections is traditionally ropey, Eutelsat claims that Tooway can be used for VoIP and IPTV with no worries.

Aside from usage limits, of course, which the company sets at 8GB for frequent usage, and 13GB for heavy usage – hardly the definition of a heavy user most people would recognise these days. Your usage limit depends upon your package, naturally.

KA-SAT uses 82 narrow spotbeams to connect to 10 ground stations, and it has a total throughput in excess of 70Gbps.

A business service is also offered on Tooway, with greater speeds of up to 40Mbps (and 10Mbps uploads).


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  1. marcello says:

    how can I connect to this service ?? and what hardware do I need to connect ?

  2. Darren Allan says:

    Hardware is as written above, a dish installation… more details on where to get the sat package here:

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