Radioplayer mustered 5.7 million listeners last month

Darren Allan

June 1, 2011

The BBC has announced the audience figures for Radioplayer, the joint venture online radio service which sees the Beebs’s stations packaged up with commercial stations.

Radioplayer went live from April, and in May the BBC reckons that it managed to command the attention of some 5.7 million listeners, who engaged in 22.5 million listening sessions (about one per week on average).

It’s an encouraging start for the service, which encompassed 150 stations when it first launched, and has since added some 80 stations since then.

Radioplayer aims to make Beeb and commercial stations accessible under a single system with uniform functionality, to make exploring UK online radio as easy as possible.

It comes with a powerful search facility to help in finding the right station, and also facilitates on-demand listening for some stations. A mobile version for phones and tablets is planned for the future.


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