BT and ZTE to become research partners

Darren Allan

June 2, 2011

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BT and ZTE are planning on getting together to be showered with research confetti.

In what BT is calling a major research partnership, BT says it’s bringing its global communications expertise to the table, and ZTE its equipment knowledge and network expertise.

ZTE is the second largest Chinese telecoms equipment manufacturer behind the giant Huawei, and it produces mobile phones such as the ZTE Blade (known to us as Orange’s San Francisco).

The idea is that the research partnership will collaborate over next-gen fixed line, mobile and wireless telecoms technology, with the aim of eventually developing an international telecoms standard, driving forward worldwide compatibility.

No further details were given on the specifics in what was a pretty concise press release issued by BT.

Clive Selley, CIO of BT, was however on hand to add a comment: “This is another example of BT’s commitment to open innovation – combining with outstanding partners, customers and academic bodies to develop exciting new services and constantly improve the customer experience.”

“We’ve been very impressed with the knowledge and sophistication of ZTE’s team and, by combining our complementary strengths and expertise on a range of research projects, we expect this partnership to be very fruitful for both ourselves and our respective customers.”

Does ZTE know anything about not keeping its customers on hold for two hours on support lines? Let’s hope so.


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