Chrome gains, Internet Explorer continues to fall in browser wars

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

The latest web browser statistics are in for the month of May from Net Applications.

And last month shows the continuing trend for Internet Explorer to sink, while Google’s Chrome gains ground.

Chrome was up to a share of 12.5% – that’s one in eight surfers – when a year ago it was at a level of 7%.

Internet Explorer, on the other hand, has sunk to 54.3%, only just keep its head above the halfway mark. A year ago, it had just over a 60% share. Long gone are the days when IE completely dominated the market, that’s for sure.

Firefox continues to tread water, with very slight losses over the last year. Currently it’s at a share of 21.7%, down from 23% twelve months ago, so it too has lost a touch of ground to Chrome.

And Safari is up to 7.3%, from 5% this time last year, a huge gain in terms of proportion. Opera has dropped somewhat, down from 2.4% a year ago to 2% last month.

Part of the reason for the Internet Explorer user-base erosion is Microsoft’s campaign to kill off the aged IE6, although it seems users abandoning that old chestnut are seeking new territory rather than IE9.

Of course, if they’re on the equally aged Windows XP, they can’t use IE9, so may be turning to alternatives due to this.


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