Skype scuppered again for some users

Darren Allan

June 7, 2011

The Skype is falling for the second time inside two weeks as the service has once again spluttered upon login for some customers.

The outage of the week before last hit a relatively limited percentage of the user base, according to Skype, and the company is insisting that this time around “a small number” of people are once again affected.

Although there seem to be quite a large number of folks complaining they can’t sign on around the net, and the issue has hit globally.

Skype said it was investigating the problem just over four hours ago, and an hour later announced that: “A configuration problem has meant that some of you have been disconnected from Skype. We’ve identified the cause of the problem, and have begun to address it.”

An hour ago on the Skype Heartbeat blog, the company said that it was “seeing indications that the situation is improving”.

It also noted that if you were disconnected from Skype earlier on, you shouldn’t need to manually sign back in, the service should reconnect automatically when it’s live again.

It certainly hasn’t been a good fortnight at Skype, which Microsoft recently bought for a massive $8.5 billion outlay. However, MS isn’t at fault as some blamers have insisted, as the two outfits are still running separately until regulatory approval of the acquisition has gone through.


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