iOS 5 beta points to iPhone 5 autumn launch?

June 8, 2011

There have been a couple of revelations about the iPad and iPhone made by people who have got hold of the iOS 5 beta firmware, then sniffed around in it.

According to the sources of TUAW, the USB device files indicate that there will be two models of the iPad 3 coming out (referred to as the iPad 3.1 and 3.2).

This suggests rather than the three iPad flavours available now in the States – wi-fi, GSM and CDMA – the latter two will be rolled into one slate come the iPad 3 (leaving two choices as we already have over here).

More importantly, while the iPhone 5 is also mentioned in two incarnations, there’s an omission – no iPod Touch is here. Which given it’s supposed to be out in the autumn seems very odd.

Unless, as TUAW speculates, the iPod Touch’s traditional September berth is being appropriated to launch the next iPhone instead, which would make sense. A lot of previous speculation has pointed towards an autumn launch for the next Apple smartphone.

As with many Apple stories, this is all theorising out loud and should be taken with the appropriate helping of condiments.


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