O2 customers in London suffer outage

Darren Allan

June 10, 2011

O2 has hit problems again with network gremlins chewing at its wires and generally hurling spanners into the works.

This morning a network outage struck customers in East London and surrounding areas at just before 10am. O2 wrote on its service status website: “We’ve got a problem that means you can’t make calls, use the internet, or send/get emails [in] the east London/Essex area.”

However, apparently that issue was fixed around an hour later.

About twenty minutes ago, O2 tweeted: “The network problem in East London was fixed at 10:50. We’re continuing to see service restoring. We apologise to affected customers.”

So if you’re not back up and running yet, you should be very shortly. Plenty of Twitter users have taken to the social network to express their displeasure at another outage from the operator.

And indeed some reckon there are problems further afield. One O2 user tweeted: “I am in Gloucestershire, and my blackberry is not working. Cannot access internet, text, or use BBM. Looks like not just East london!!!!”

He added: “[The O2 status checker] says it is fine. But I have 3 people on O2 with a blackberry all same problem. Cannot access app world, bbm, internet or text.”


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