Samsung to make off with Nokia’s smartphone crown

Darren Allan

June 13, 2011

Samsung is set to steal Nokia’s crown as the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world this quarter.

So analysts at Nomura reckon according to a Reuters report, with the firm’s latest prediction that Nokia is increasingly losing its grip on the market.

Nokia has been top of the smartphone tree for a decade and a half, no less, so Samsung will certainly be popping some corks if it does become the new number one. Of course, Nokia will still remain the top overall mobile phone supplier, but its market share is falling with every quarterly report that comes in.

Even worse news for Nokia, Nomura actually not only sees Samsung overtaking the Finnish company in smartphones, but also thinks Apple will as early as next quarter.

Given that smartphones are the future, this really doesn’t bode well for Stephen Elop, the new(ish) CEO of Nokia.

Whether Windows Phone 7 can help save the firm’s smartphone fortunes seems doubtful, at least from where we’re stood. WP7 has failed to make much of an impact, although granted, with Nokia behind it that could change.

IDC recently predicted that driven by Nokia’s adoption Windows Phone 7 could accelerate to second place in the smartphone OS market by 2015 with a share of 20% plus, behind Android.

We’re not so sure about that, and while Nomura’s forecasting certainly looks pessimistic, we’d be more inclined to look in their general direction.


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