T-Mobile data thieves fined £74,000

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

Two ex-staff of T-Mobile who stole and sold on customer data a few years back have been fined £73,700 at Chester Crown Court.

David Turley and Darren Hames pleaded guilty to committing offences against Section 55 of the Data Protection Act last year.

The pair’s doings were uncovered by the ICO after an investigation, with the matter turned over to them by the network following T-Mobile’s discovery of the fact that customers names, addresses, phone numbers and when their contracts were up had been sold on.

Turley was ordered to pay £45,000 confiscation costs and got a three year conditional discharge. If he doesn’t pay up in six months, he will serve an 18 month jail term.

Hames was fined £28,700, and similarly if he can’t stump up the money within six months, he’ll serve a 15 month jail sentence.

Information Commissioner Christopher Graham commented: “Those who have regular access to thousands of customer details may think that attempts to use it for personal gain will go undetected. But this case shows that there is always an audit trail and my office will do everything in its power to uncover it.”

“The lifestyle the pair gained from their criminal activities has been short lived and I hope this case serves as a strong deterrent to others. I am particularly grateful to T-Mobile for their help in this investigation.”

The ICO stated that this case was the first time it had applied for and been granted the use of confiscation orders, with the Proceeds of Crime Act allowing for the recovery of the money gained by the criminals.

A proportion of the recovered funds will be used by the ICO to further train its investigation team.

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