Call of Duty Elite beta passes two million mark already

June 14, 2011

At the end of last month, the existence of Call of Duty Elite was announced, the new method Activision is planning on using to milk more out of its giant gaming cash cow.

Elite is a monthly subscription service designed to provide the Modern Warfare 3 player (and players of following CoD games) with extra exclusive content such as downloadable maps, player stat tools and expert guides to improve play, along with social features. Although what potentially unbalancing elements may be included remains a bone of contention…

It seems that there’s definitely enthusiasm for the Elite service, or to find out what it involves at any rate – as social-media-community-type-guru Dan Amrich of Activision notes on his blog page that there have been a surprising amount of sign ups for the beta.

With the official start of the beta-test still a month away, two million gamers have signed up inside a fortnight.

Amrich notes: “When the studio head at Beachhead said this would be a live beta, he was not kidding – your participation really can make a difference in how Elite evolves.”

You can sign up for the Elite squadron here.


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