Google to speed up search, add voice and image capabilities

Darren Allan

June 15, 2011

Google has announced the latest package of tinkering which is being done to its search engine.

Voice and image search, both facilities which mobile surfers will be familiar with, are set to come to desktop computers.

Spoken search will be added for Chrome browser users who have a microphone (obviously enough) on

Search by Image will allow Googlers to upload an image or web page with an image, and the search engine will attempt to identify it Goggles-style. Both Chrome and Firefox extensions are planned to make right-click image searches on websites possible.

The new measure which will have the biggest impact, however, is a new weapon for Google Instant called Instant pages.

While you scan search results, Instant Pages will get the top search result ready, pre-loading it. So when you click it, it’ll load near instantly instead of taking a couple of seconds.

Of course it’ll only load up instantly if you click on the page(s) Google has pre-rendered, but the firm says it’s pretty confident that its honed relevance judging technology will be fairly accurate in predicting what needs to be pre-loaded.

Instant Pages will be live shortly in the next beta of Google’s Chrome browser, with plans afoot to bring it to other browsers eventually.

But for now these will be extra reasons for people to try out and possibly switch to Chrome, a browser which is already gaining considerable market share and is now up to 12.5% according to Net Applications (a year ago it was at 7%).


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