HTC Desire won’t get Android Gingerbread

Darren Allan

June 15, 2011

[UPDATE: HTC has now reversed this decision, see our story here.]

Previously HTC had promised to push out an upgrade to Gingerbread for its original Desire handset.

However, it appears that isn’t going to happen now, as the company announced on its official Facebook page that technically this isn’t possible.

The problem is that the smartphone doesn’t have enough memory to fit both Gingerbread and the Sense UI on board.

This has been an upgrade awaited for months by many Desire users, who are now posting to HTC’s Facebook page as not too chuffed.

Some are asking why a Gingerbread with no Sense UI couldn’t be released, for those that would rather have the latest Android goodness rather than HTC’s overlay.

Many are saying do-it-yourself (at your own risk, of course), but the most common theme is: “Shame on you HTC… I will never buy your phone again.”


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