Google doodles the lunar eclipse

Darren Allan

June 16, 2011

Google has implemented possibly our favourite doodle ever to celebrate last night’s lunar eclipse.

A lunar eclipse is when the Earth blocks the sun’s rays from hitting the moon, and last night’s was the longest in over a decade, with the totality (the moon’s face being completely blocked) lasting around a hundred minutes.

The interactive doodle turns the second O of the Google logo into the moon, and shows the sun passing across as a slider below the logo.

You can manually pull the slider to any point, and then watch the moon go gradually darker and then brown/red just as it does in real life. Pretty cool.

The moon is the fifth largest satellite in the solar system – Jupiter’s Ganymede is the biggest, around 50% larger in terms of diameter, and actually larger than the planet Mercury. Although the moon is the largest in size relative to the planet it orbits.


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