Apple Final Cut Pro X now out on Mac App Store

June 21, 2011

Apple has released Final Cut Pro X on the Mac App Store.

The latest 64-bit incarnation of the video editing package “reinvents” the film editing process, according to Apple, utilising a so-called magnetic timeline that allows for fluid editing on a trackless canvas, with clips that “magnetically” close up to eliminate gaps.

Clip connections allow the user to link primary clips to elements such as titles and sound effects, so when you shift them around, they stay in sync.

Other features include content auto-analysis, which analyses and automatically categorises your source material (by shot type, media, number of people involved and so on) in the background while you’re busy editing.

There’s some pretty clever new stuff in here. Academy Award winning editor Angus Wall (of The Social Network fame) enthused about the product: “Final Cut Pro X is incredibly modern and fast, but most importantly it lets you focus on telling your story in the most creative way, while it actively manages all of the technical details.”

The package is available now on the Mac App Store with a price tag of £180.


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