Amazon tablet arriving in August?

June 24, 2011

There’s been more buzz on the grapevine regarding the tablet that Amazon is alleged to have in the works.

The online retailing giant hasn’t confirmed its intention to go further than its Kindle e-reader with a full-on slate, but rumours first emerged two months ago that this was the plan.

And the speculation, as many of these leaks from far-east manufacturing firms do, originated from DigiTimes who have now pinned down the release date with more accuracy than previous estimations.

Previously, the second half of 2011 had been the date mentioned, and we guessed it would be later in the year. However, now DigiTimes claims that Amazon’s tablet will be shipping as soon as August or September.

Again, this is according to sources at Taiwanese component manufacturers, who have previously mentioned a target of 800,000 tablets Amazon has set for production.

DigiTimes also noted Amazon intends to provide a streaming movie service for its tablet. Might this include the odd free flick as an incentive to purchase the slate?

Amazon certainly needs to examine the angles it can leverage to break into a saturated market that’s dominated by the iPad.

Our bet is it will also be pitched as more of a budget Android tablet, because price is an area which many competitors have yet to attack Apple on. A lot of slates have been pitched at around the same price as the iPad, although there are budget models out there from the likes of Acer and Hannspree for example.


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