Battlefield 3 multiplayer details emerge

Darren Allan

June 27, 2011

A large helping of new Battlefield 3 information has been unveiled courtesy of a ten page hands-on preview in PSM3, the scans of which have found their way online.

And some juicy details about the multiplayer and changes made to the class system were revealed. Apparently the medic is no more, with Dice deciding that the role didn’t fit well with front line combat. Instead, assault troops will now carry the defib gear.

Instead of the medic, a new support class has been introduced carrying a big machinegun and providing suppressing fire.

Suppressing fire in Battlefield 3 takes on a whole new level of importance, because you can literally demolish cover with your rounds. Players being pelted with heavy fire also suffer from screen shake and other disorienting effects to simulate the sort of pressure they’d be under in a real combat situation.

What’s pretty neat is that support types will also accumulate XP for keeping enemies pinned down with hails of gunfire, even if they aren’t taking them out.

The preview also took in some of the pretty spectacular explosive effects such as blowing away the entire frontage of buildings, and touched on a co-operative mode.

Co-op will feature ten maps which two players can tackle together, covering each other and proving their team skills (or that’s the theory, anyway).

Snatches of BF3 previews continue to excite, but whether EA’s game can unseat the behemoth Call of Duty franchise which it’s going up against in the autumn is another battle entirely.

We are, however, more excited about seeing BF3 than we are MW3 currently.

Perhaps BF3′s biggest weak point is that on consoles it’s designed to run at 30fps, whereas MW3 is pitched at a smoother 60fps.

But Battlefield 3′s sophisticated graphics and physics systems are bound to take a toll on the Xbox and PS3…


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