iPod Touch due for minor refresh this year?

Darren Allan

June 27, 2011

Apple rumours continue to swirl, as ever, the latest speculation revolving around the iPod Touch.

Normally Apple would unveil a new iPod Touch in September, although this year, the company didn’t reveal a new iPhone, and current rumour has it that the iPhone 5 (or possibly 4GS) will take the iPod Touch’s traditional autumn launch slot.

But now the iFans site has made a revelation that firmware snoopers have uncovered a reference to an “iPod 4,2” in iOS 5, whereas previously only an “iPod 4.1” was mentioned, the current model.

And despite some sites claiming that this reference to a 4.2 iPod was already in previous firmware, in fact it wasn’t. So this would seem to indicate that there will be a new iPod Touch this September, possibly pushed out alongside the new iPhone…

The fact that it’s called 4.2 rather than 5.1 implies that it will just be a minor update rather than a whole new iPod Touch, which would make sense if it was coming out along with the iPhone 5. Apple wouldn’t particularly want to bundle two big launches together, we wouldn’t think.

So that could mean some iPod tweaks such as a faster processor being the obvious one, to keep the iPod in touch with the speed of the new iPad 2 (and of course, most likely the new iPhone 5 which will carry a nippier engine). An improved camera could also be a likely possibility.

Although maybe Apple won’t feel the need to keep the iPod Touch apace with the iPad 2’s speed, and the reference to 4.2 in the firmware doesn’t mean anything much yet. We shall find out come the end of summer…


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