Call of Duty: Black Ops now best-selling UK game ever

Darren Allan
Darren Allan -

It’s official, Call of Duty: Black Ops has now sold enough copies to make it the best-selling video game ever released in the UK.

Released in November last year, Black Ops went straight to number one (obviously) and held the number one spot in the UK game chart for eight weeks in total. Even this week, it’s still in the top ten (at number nine).

So what game has it beaten out to claim the top spot? We all know the answer to that, of course… its predecessor, Modern Warfare 2.

According to figures published by Chart Track (via MCV), MW2 racked up sales of 3,702,000, with Black Ops hitting 3,722,000 at the close of last week.

And it doesn’t look like Black Ops is going to stop selling over the summer, either – it has barely left the top ten for more than a week since launch.

Modern Warfare 2 does hold one accolade over Black Ops, however, and that’s the number of weeks spent at number one. It managed nine weeks over the current shooter’s eight, and it’s unlikely Black Ops will be at number one again.

The question now is whether the next game in the franchise, Modern Warfare 3, can go one better and beat Black Ops’ hugely impressive tally.

It’s not a given, because this November Activision actually has some real war-shooter competition on its hands in the form of EA’s Battlefield 3, which looks superb, atmospheric and does a highly impressive line in explosions and physics.

While Call of Duty is so established now it’s highly unlikely BF3 will outsell it, it’s not unthinkable, and it could well pull a number of gamers away and set itself up for more damaging prospects in the long run. Assuming BF3 actually turns out to be as good as it looks in preview footage, naturally.

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