Tablet shopping “revolution” to hit the UK

Adam Smith

June 28, 2011

A study conducted by Shopzilla has revealed that a year on from the launch of the iPad, the popularity of doing online shopping on tablets is set to “rocket”, as has happened in the States.

Currently, 6% of European online shoppers own a tablet and 20% are considering buying one over the coming year, which if they’re true to their word would mean one in four would own the devices.

And the majority of those with a slate, some 61%, say that it’s just as easy to shop with their tablet as it is on the their computer. 71% said they had bought something online with their tablet.

The iPad showed its clear domination in Europe in the survey, with over 80% of those questioned saying that their slate of choice was the Apple slab.

Rachel Smith, Business Services Senior Director at Shopzilla, said: “Since their launch in April last year, an astonishing 25 million iPads have been sold worldwide, and with one in five online shoppers telling us they plan to buy a tablet in the next 12 months, this is clearly set to be a huge trend for UK shoppers.”

“iPads and other tablet devices are also helping to drive the popularity of ‘social commerce’, with 53% of online consumers using their tablet to share online shopping activities with friends – whether it’s hunting for bargains, browsing reviews or making purchases.”

Another titbit the research uncovered was that 70% of tablet users said they watched TV while browsing shopping sites using dual-screen technology.

80% of tablet owners viewed their device as an additional piece of technology in their gadget armoury, rather than a replacement for a computer.

Shopzilla concludes that the year of mobile commerce is here, and the tablet market taking off will reinforce this theme.

That concurs with analyst sentiments, such as Forrester Research which believes the total worth of mobile commerce this year will be $6 billion, and by 2016, that will have increased massively to $31 billion.

Yesterday, PayPal also upped its mobile commerce revenue estimation for 2011, from a predicted $2 billion in February to $3 billion.


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