Nvidia GeForce GTX 580M, fastest notebook GPU ever

Adam Smith

June 29, 2011

Nvidia claims that its freshly launched GPU, the GTX 580M, is the fastest graphics solution ever to have graced the notebook world – and it’s now available in the Alienware M18x gaming laptop.

The GTX 580M supposedly offers up to six times the tessellation performance of any other portable-based graphics card, and the GPU is also more efficient than previous generations. In fact, it boasts up to 20% better performance per Watt, Nvidia claims.

The spec of the 580M includes 384 CUDA cores, a processor clock running at 1240MHz, and a texture fill rate of 39.7 billion per second. The GDDR5 memory has a 256-bit memory interface and a clock running at 1500MHz.

Nvidia has also pushed out the GTX 570M with 336 CUDA cores, a 1150MHz processor clock and a 32.2 billion per second texture fill rate (with a 192-bit memory interface).

Both new GPUs feature 3D Vision and 3DTV Play (for connection to a 3DTV) along with Optimus switching technology to help extend battery life (which is going to be rather chewed through by these machines at full pelt).

Alienware’s M18x will be the first notebook to have the chunky GTX 580M on board, and indeed should you want truly blistering performance levels, you can SLI up and have two of them working in tandem.

A second model, the Alienware M17x, will also follow with the GTX 580M, promising five hours of battery life on the web, and in excess of 100fps in Black Ops.

We’re sure AMD will be hitting back with a more powerful Radeon GPU, but for now Nvidia is claiming the king of the gaming notebooks crown.


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