Orange Monte Carlo smartphone coming soon

Darren Allan

June 29, 2011

Orange is to stock another ZTE handset which it’s also going to rename.

Previously the operator had renamed the ZTE Blade the San Francisco, and as an affordable but still impressive Android smartphone it has sold well.

So unsurprisingly Orange is planning on doing the same trick, this time with the ZTE Skate which has been renamed the more upmarket sounding Monte Carlo.

Spec-wise, the Monte Carlo is indeed a more quality affair than the San Fran, with a 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen and a 5 megapixel camera. It boasts wi-fi and 3G, and runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

Orange promises a ton of apps on board as well, presumably one of them a roulette wheel and another a video poker outing (this being the Monte Carlo, of course – or maybe video Baccarat would be more appropriate).

The handset is also compatible with Orange’s HD Voice service, which allows for crystal clear call clarity. An FM radio is on board, too, with a talk time battery life of five hours promised (12 days on standby).

While the Monte Carlo will doubtless be more expensive than the bargain basement San Francisco, it’ll still be reasonably priced, joining the set of budget friendly phones which are helping to make Android such a success.

The Blade/San Francisco has now shifted over two million units worldwide according to ZTE, and was a best-seller for Orange over the Christmas period. Indeed, ZTE reckons that it was outselling the iPhone 4 at one point earlier this year.


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  1. ME says:


    The Orange website states that the “Monte Carlo” has:-

    The Orange App Store and Supports Orange Maps.

    Does this meen yet another Android phone that’s useless for Google Maps, Earth & Sky Map etc. ?

    Does this meen it cant be used with the “Official” Android Marketplace ?

    And no mention if it will have “Full” Flash Compatibility.

    Hope it’s not going to be the same in these repects like the San Francisco was.

    Just Wish Orange would give full detailed spec for the’re phones !

    As for Price, I’ve seen everything from £139 + £10 Top-up to £190 so who knows !

    it would save all the BS and rumours and false claims by so say people in the know.

    Well that’s the rant over… but something to think about !

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