Google Plus: Revealed

June 30, 2011

Google recently announced their new social network, named Google Plus, was to be released shortly.

Today more information about it has been revealed, and it has become open for limited field trails, which has allowed people to request an invite to the network to start using the service.

Google plus has brought many features which separate it from a “standard” social network.

Three areas of the network are Circles, Sparks and Hangouts. These have been designed specifically so that a user can easily view their friends, group them and interact with them.

Circles has been designed so that you can group your friends and contacts into multiple different ways that you can interact, so that only that specific type of content goes to those friends.

This allows you to be able to ensure that your friends are able to hear exactly what you want them to, without getting some content you may not want them to.

For example, you can create a “circle” for family, best friends, ones on your football team, or even class mates.

It can be anything you want, so you can be as creative as you like. It also means you don’t accidently share information to people you don’t want to, which often leads to bad consequences.

Therefore, being able to pick and choose who receives your content allows for much more control over your social networking experience.

Hangouts allow you to do just that; hangout with your friends.

This can be planned - tell your friends that you are free to hangout and you will be able to chat, video call, or even just watch videos together, or unplanned, by just bumping into them on chat while you are checking out your profile.

Sparks has been created so that you are able to share content with your friends, in which you think they will enjoy. You are able to share pictures, videos and articles, in a quick and clear to view format, making your social networking time much more efficient.

Google have done it again – having created something truly creative and interesting to look at, which is very likely to be simple to use.

This therefore has the potential to revolutionise the social networking experience. Let’s wait and see if they can deliver just that.

You can view the interactive tour of Google Plus to get an idea of the style Google goes about for their social network.

Sign up for an invite here:


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