Samsung looking at webOS phone or tablet?

Adam Smith -

Samsung has come on leap and bounds with its smartphone business lately, propelled by Android and the success of its Galaxy S and sequel.

Indeed, analysts have already predicted Samsung will soon usurp Nokia’s place at the top of the smartphone (not mobile) league.

But the company might not be intending to build on its success with just Android, as speculation has crept out that Samsung could be looking to produce a device using the webOS platform.

HP now has the keys to the webOS platform, and is currently using it to produce a Pre 3 smartphone (taking over where Palm left off) and a TouchPad tablet which is about to arrive early next month.

The Samsung speculation stems from a comment by the HP CEO Leo Apotheker, who said they were currently talking to multiple companies about licensing. And Bloomberg’s sources claimed that one of these companies was Samsung.

While webOS devices haven’t exactly set the world alight, they may well push forward further with HP behind them, as the operating system has always had fans and been generally praised by critics despite a lack of success.

If Samsung came on board, that would be a big coup for the OS, although we feel it’s more likely Sammy might be looking at a tablet rather than a smartphone. But who knows, Samsung isn’t afraid of mixing up its phone’s operating systems, having gone for Windows Phone 7 handsets and its own Bada-powered units.

Of course, this is still vague rumour at this point, so they might not be looking at anything – or they might be ready to evaluate the performance of the new HP webOS products coming out this summer, and see where they go from there.

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