Vizio XVT423SV HDTV Review

Franz Bicar -


Vizio has a reputation of manufacturing affordable TVs coupled with excellent technology and high quality design. The Vizio XVT423SV is a great television for the money. It produces great deep black levels, great detail, robust colors and incorporates all of the integrated apps you would expect.

It offers 1080p high-definition resolution, a 240Hz refresh rate, 5 millisecond response time, integrated Wi-Fi, and connectivity. Good image quality give this TV a leg against the competition, but audio quality is only average at best.

Additional features include a built-in ATSC and QAM TV tuner along with both Ethernet and 802.11n WiFi connections for its pride and joy - Vizio VIA.

The XVT423SV is encased in a glossy black bezel with a sturdy base that, unfortunately, cannot swivel or pivot. Despite this lack of flexibility, this TV is jam-packed with features that, for some, might make up for that.

The XVT423SV has a gold mine of ports – you have HDMI connections and three USB ports on the side, and four HDMI ports on the bottom. Also on the bottom of the device, a PC input and a cable/antenna connection. The remaining ports, all located on the back cover, Ethernet, component, A/V-in, Audio Out, Audio In, and an optical interface.

Most of the connectors are on the back so that cables are plugged in parallel positions on the screen, but a few of them will keep lines perpendicular to the screen.

The XVT423SV comes preloaded with a good amount of web application. You have Amazon Video, Facebook, Flickr, Netflix, Rhapsody, TV Guide, Twitter, Vudu, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo News, Yahoo Weather and Yahoo Widgets, plus Web videos.

Preset picture modes include Standard, Movie, Game, Vivid, football, golf, basketball, baseball, and as well as a custom mode. Basic image adjustments are the usual options for brightness, contrast and color, and there is also an advanced Picture menu, where you noise reduction, Real Cinema mode, and smooth movement can activate effect.

As for picture quality, the XVT423SV performed solidly above average. The TV performed particularly well with 1080i scenes, with good color and detail.

As with many other local dimming LED based LCD televisions, dark black levels is standard on this television. The blacks are dark and realistic looking, providing a great backdrop for the vivid colors. As a matter of fact, the black levels produced by this television rivals those produced by many, much more expensive, televisions on the market today.

The only negative aspect for this TV is its audio. The quality seemed a tiny and a little unbalanced in terms of tonal values. You can turn on TruSurround sound for added depth, but it seemed not much to do at the end. The speakers are mounted directly below the display on the front and are 15 watts.

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