Nintendo Wii U FPS claim

Matthew Turner

July 1, 2011

Nintendo have claimed that the forthcoming Wii U can “change the way we play first person shooters.”

Katsuya Eguchi, manager at Nintendo EAD, made the statement during an interview with Edge magazine.

He said that Nintendo were “very happy and excited” about exploring the possibilities of a first person shooter with their ground-breaking new controller.

“A very key part of the new controller is the screen,” he said. “You saw the video at E3 of the Zapper with the controller perched on top of it.

“When we were testing that, and playing around with it, we realised that in terms of an FPS, it had changed the way we were interacting with it and how much closer it felt. That was one of the moments that made us very happy and excited,” he told Edge.

Nintendo became the first major developer to announce their next generation console in Los Angeles in early June, with a key feature being their controller containing a touch screen and a camera.

Theoretically, the controller allows for first person shooters to go to the next level, with the ability to shoot at opponents that aren’t actually on the screen.

Speaking in mid-June, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata also stated Nintendo’s intention to develop their FPS standards by “melting away” previous problems.

The Wii U has been slated for a release sometime in 2012.


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  1. Kenneth says:

    “with the ability to shoot at opponents that aren’t actually on the screen.”.
    Imagine this - COD Modern Warfare #,online …. Second story window.
    Zapper controller aimed out the window, while the T.V. screen is pointed back towards the door, looking for back stabbers.
    I think the Wii U will be a FPS game changer.

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