Skype Introduce Free Video Calling to Android

Leanne Yip

July 4, 2011

The feature of video calling has now been launched by Skype to phones that have Android 2.0. With no extra cost Android users can now video call through Wi-Fi and 3G.

Currently to use Skype’s new app you need Android 2.1+ (this can be downloaded from the Android market now).

However the new version of the app will only be available to owners of the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo, HTC Desire S, Google Nexus S and Xperia Pro.

But don’t be saddened the Skype Team assure that other handsets will become compatible in the near future.

This has been a much needed addition to all Skype and Android users.

Video calls can be made from your Android phone to other Android phones, iPhones, Mac, and Windows PCs.

However to be able to make a video call you’ll need a phone with two cameras, front and rear.

The app boasts 1-1 video calling, as well as calls to landlines and mobiles, and SMS’s to contracts at the usual Skype rates.

Skype has developed a new mood box to create a more interactive way to express yourself.

Moreover the layout of Skype on Android has been redesigned to become more user friendly with new navigation menus for contacts.


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