USB Lunch Box Warmer Popularity Skyrockets

Leanne Yip

July 4, 2011

The company Thanko (from Tokyo) have developed a USB lunch box warmer, which is gradually becoming more and more popular overseas, and I can certainly see why.

It’s a very simple but effective piece of tech. It solves the straightforward problem of cold, unsatisfying lunches.

There are two ways it which the lunch box warmer can be powered either by USB or through a power outlet (an AC adapter is included).

Both ways are very practical when in the office.

The power via USB or a power outlet provides energy to the anodized aluminium heater, which has a coating of Styrofoam insulation; to keep the heat contained.

The heater surrounds your yummy food, creating even heating. Manufactures claim that the heaters can heat food to be a toasty 50° C (122° F).

However Thanko make no mention of how long it takes for the food to reach that temperature.

The lunch box’s appearance comprises of the plain black and grey exterior and a shiny silver interior. Also there is a compartment to store the USB wire when not in use.

The USB lunch box costs $20, so about £15, which is a very enticing price.

This craze may arrive soon in the UK but only if it refines it’s design and accessibility to the UK.


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