World of Warcraft released for free

Matthew Turner -

World of Warcraft, the vastly popular online video game, is set to be released for free up until a certain level.

For users to progress beyond level 20, they will have to pay the £8.99 monthly fee all users have previously been required to pay.

The move is seen as an alternative strategy to bring new players into the game.

Previous attempts saw Blizzard Entertainment, creators of Wow, offer free trials for a limited duration.

Although there will be no time restrictions under the new system, it has been estimated that this trial period will allow new users around 10-15 hours of game-play.

The system will allow for users to create an unlimited amount of characters, but they will have restrictions not bestowed upon paying customers.
For example, characters will not be able to join guilds or earn themselves more than ten gold coins.

However, anyone taking up this option and then wishing to upgrade to the full-version will be asked to pay a “conversion fee” to be decided by individual retailers.

World of Warcraft is among the most prestigious of the online multiplayer games, and has amassed around 11.4 million users.
It has also spawned off three expansion packs.

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