Microsoft’s Bing and China’s Baidu Partner for Search

July 5, 2011

Microsoft’s Bing search engine has formed a new deal with Baidu to provide search results in English for the Chinese search engine.

The financials of the deal were not disclosed.

Baidu is currently the biggest search engine in China, controlling over 80% of the Chinese search market.

Baidu previously did not return results in English but with the new agreement signed, it will hand over those responsibilities to Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Baidu is increasingly seeking to widen its reach in the international stage and hopes that this will help it reach new audiences.

Microsoft already operates in China, under strict censorship rules like all internet services, but has struggled against Baidu and a host of other search engine providers that have been in the market longer, including Google and Yahoo which are placed second and third respectively in the Chinese market.

All English results will continue to be censored in order for the deal to go through, possibly adding to increasing criticisms of Microsoft’s willingness to operate in these territories.

This is not the first time Microsoft has made such pacts with other companies.

Nearly two years ago, Microsoft and Yahoo reached a 10-year agreement for Microsoft to take over Yahoo’s search results in order to gain a bigger foot-hold in the market with its then-new search engine.

Google still remains the largest search engine in the world controlling around 90% of the market with Bing coming in second at around 5%, however it controls around 30% of the US market and has slowly increased it’s market share over time.


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