Toshiba Qosmio F750 glasses-free 3D laptop unveiled

Adam Smith -

The Qosmio F750 laptop has been revealed, which much like a giant 3DS does three dimensions without the need for any special glasses.

Boasting a 15.6 inch display which is full HD and capable of displaying both 2D and 3D content (with a 120Hz refresh rate), the F750 can upscale 2D material to 3D as well.

3DS owners will have noticed that if you move your head slightly to the side, the handheld’s horizontal 3D viewing angle is quite narrow, and the worry some folks might have is that this problem would be exacerbated on a bigger display.

And it possibly would be if Toshiba hadn’t coupled eye tracking technology with the notebook’s webcam, which adjusts the sweet spot of the 3D effect to the position of the viewer’s head. Very clever indeed, although it means only one person can watch, of course.

Other specs include an Intel Core i7 Sandy Bridge processor and an Nivida GT 540M graphics solution (with up to 2GB of memory on board), so this is a laptop predictably well suited to entertainment, either 3D movies or gaming.

Toshiba has also packed some quality speakers in there (courtesy of Harman Kardon), along with a Blu-ray drive and a generous 6GB of Ram (no corners have been cut here).

And the price, as you’d expect, isn’t particularly cheap. Should you want the world’s first glasses-free 3D laptop, it will set you back around £1,300.

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  1. Phil says:

    History has proved that adding third party gizmos will eventually slow down Windows to crawl. That video wallpaper thingy is a prime candidate.

    Sometimes I think computer journalists have too much free time on their hands….

  2. Matt Buhagiar says:


    I understand your point, however installing anything onto Windows does do its part in slowing down your system, and it is advised to keep your computer free from programs like these if you want optimum performance. I found that it is purely for fun, and provides an interesting customisation for Windows 7 which some programs do not offer.

  3. Brian Turner says:

    Besides, as we see here, there are ways to make your Windows PC more efficient anyway:

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