Apple overtakes Rim in US smartphone share

July 6, 2011

The latest US mobile data has emerged from comScore, and it’s good news for Apple, and bad news for Rim, not to mention Microsoft.

In the figures for May 2011, it’s no surprise that Android remained the top mobile OS in America, with its share increasing considerably to 38.1% (from 33% in February).

iOS is now the second most popular smartphone platform, with a share of 26.6%, up 1.4% over the last quarter. However, it wasn’t so much a case of Apple overtaking Rim as such, rather Rim’s total fell by more.

Rim’s BlackBerry held a 28.9% close second to Google back in February, but has dropped over 4 percentage points back into third place with 24.7% (now 2% behind Apple).

Microsoft, way astray in fourth position, also saw a drop over the three month period from 7.7% to 5.8%, with Windows Phone 7 falling flat on its face thus far.

Of course MS is hoping that the Nokia deal (and Mango update) will help stoke some much-needed fire in WP7′s belly, but it’s very unclear whether Nokia and Microsoft are throwing each other lifelines here, or merely making the decision to drown together as we head into 2012.

Although things could hardly get worse for Windows Phone 7… unless it got overtaken by webOS (at the bottom of the table on 2.4%).

The table of mobile manufacturers in the US saw Samsung top on a market share of 24.8% (unchanged in the last quarter). LG was close behind on 21.1%, and then Motorola on 15.1%.

Apple again overtook Rim, with the iPhone up to 8.7% market share (from 7.5% three months previously), while Rim slumped half a percentage point to 8.1%.

comScore’s research took into account some 30,000 mobile owners and found that one in three Americans now use a smartphone.


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