PayPal UK suffers Twitter Attack

July 6, 2011

PayPal last night suffered from a fresh attack by hackers. The UK arm of the service saw it’s Twitter account being taken over by a hacker who proceeded to post ‘tweets’ about PayPal’s insufficient security and allegedly poor services.

PayPal provides online financial services to internet users across the world and is commonly used as the main form of payment for online purchases.

The company prides itself on it’s high security for it services, going as far as claiming that it is “one of the most secure payment platforms in the world”.

The e-Bay-owned company has thus far not commented on the hack.

However, this is the second time in as many days that high-visibility Twitter accounts have been hacked into, with Foxnews’ Twitter account hacked earlier this week and fake messages about US president Barack Obama having been shot posted.

The new hack will further add to calls that companies need to increasingly dedicate more attention, resources and money in protecting their accounts and services from independent hackers as well as group hackers such as the infamous ‘Anonymous’ and ‘LulzSec’.

However, only the Twitter account was hacked with the main PayPal UK service not suffering any breaches.

2011 has already seen several high-profile hacking incidents involving international companies and organisations such as Sony, Square Enix, the NHS and the US Senate website amongst others.

Often the hacks are carried out with intention of highlighting poor security implementation by websites and services.


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