BitDefender provides free TDL4 removal utility

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Security firm BitDefender is doing its bit to defend the internet and generally make it a safer place with the release of a free malware removal tool.

The utility in question has been purpose-built to tackle the TDL4 rootkit, a devilish little piece of malware which uses fancy pre-Windows-boot techniques to stay hidden after it has infected your machine.

While TDL4 has been around for a few years, its presence is now growing, hence BitDefender’s issuance of the tool to tackle it which you can download here.

TDL4 is particularly dangerous because of its self-hiding routines which mean that some anti-virus solutions will fail to detect the threat. There’s also the fact that it’s a double-threat in terms of being able to infect both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows machines.

Once it has got a foothold in the system, it adds the compromised PC to the TDL4 botnet which is used for bandying all sorts of nastiness around as you can imagine.

Catalin Cosoi, Head of the BitDefender Online Threats Lab, commented: “We have been monitoring this threat since it first emerged. Whilst it has no direct damaging potential itself, the danger lies in how it is used by other pieces of malware to hide themselves and gain access to computer privileges.”

“Especially as this threat has the potential to prevent detection and removal by some antivirus solutions, downloading our free removal tool is the sensible way for users to ensure their computer is not infected.”

She noted that those who had a BitDefender security solution on board their system were of course already protected.


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