Nintendo to open access to Wii U

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Nintendo are set to offer third-party publishers the chance to offer their services through the Wii U.

Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, has announced that Nintendo are ready to “sidestep” the arguments with third-parties over use of their systems – as Nintendo wants to make the most of what publishers, such as Steam, have to offer.

Sony has previously worked out a similar deal with Valve over the use of Steam on their PlayStation 3 system.

In that case, cross-platform play became possible as proven by the PC and PS3 versions of Portal 2.

This decision has the potential to open the market up to many more opportunities both for gaming consoles and third-party publishers.

Nintendo particularly could see a huge benefit from this, as they would allow more freedom to the publishers to do what they like with online play, making it a great incentive to release games on the Wii U.

For example, Final Fantasy XIV wasn’t released on the Xbox 360 due to the fact Microsoft didn’t like the way its online gaming service would run.

But with the flexibility of the Wii U, FFXIV’s publishers Square Enix would be able to do whatever they liked without having to adhere by a set of rules laid out by Nintendo.

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