Sony to introduce PSN Pass for PS3

Darren Allan

July 8, 2011

We’d heard vague whispers of Sony planning to introduce a PSN Pass for online play in some form, and it seems those quiet mutterings have solidified into something more concrete.

You’re probably already familiar with the online pass, as first introduced by EA. Essentially, it’s a method of monetising the second-hand games market, from which the publisher usually gets nothing.

Buyers of a game with an online pass use the bundled code to play it online, but after they sell it on, the new owner has to purchase a new code if they want to partake of multiplayer. EA has done this with several titles such as FIFA, Warner Bros did it with Mortal Kombat, and others are going to follow suit.

Including Sony on PSN, which is introducing the first online pass with Resistance 3. Further (as yet unspecified) first-party games will come with this measure in the future, so pre-owned buyers will have to fork out for the pass should they wish to play online.

It’s the first hint of PSN not being completely free, although it’s an understandable measure from Sony really, as they have kept the service free for so long. And technically it will remain totally free, of course, for those who purchase new games (or third-party titles).

We guess the PSN hacking incident provoked quite a financial sting, and this seems like one way to cobble some money back into the coffers and help pay for the disaster (actually employing some decent security gurus in the first place would have been a lot cheaper, of course).

The unanswered question remains – exactly how much will this pass cost? We’d imagine it’ll be pitched at $10 as with EA.


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