Amazon’s camera-less tablet coming in October?

Darren Allan

July 15, 2011

The latest buzz in the tablet world revolves around the fact that Amazon is about to wheel out its own rival to the iPad.

Previously it has been content with its Kindle e-reader as a slate offering, but a full-fat tablet has been the subject of many rumours and shipment forecasts coming from the far east.

The last we heard, the device was potentially due in September, although a new report on the Wall Street Journal suggests that October will be the street date for Amazon’s slate.

Details of the tablet’s specifications have been practically non-existent thus far, but the WSJ’s sources also had something to say on that score.

Apparently the online retailer’s iPad challenger will have a nine inch screen, so pitching in slightly more compact than Apple’s tablet. As we had previously guessed, it will run Android.

We also reckon it’ll be a competitive offering which will attack Apple on the price front, and another snippet of info backs this up – rumour has it there won’t be a camera on board. That would make sense given a cost-cutting, bottom-line perspective.

Although previous rumours have indicated that there could be two slates coming from Amazon, one budget and one high-spec. That may turn out to be the case, although the latter offering might come later.

The latest whisper from the far east is that Amazon intends to ship between 1 and 1.2 million units of its device in the third quarter, and that could well be a conservative estimate.

Which would make Amazon second in the Q3 tablet shipping stakes behind Apple (albeit a long way behind Apple on around 15 million iPads). Still, it’s clear that this is a challenge Amazon is making in earnest.


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