Pokemon to be launched on iOS and Android devices

The Pokemon franchise is due to launch game apps on Android and iOS for mobiles and tablet PC's.
Leanne Yip

July 18, 2011

Going back a few years, we would have never of expected that mobile gaming would take over the portable gaming world, that the PSP and DS ruled.

Over a few years mobile gaming has become extremely popular, because it is more convenient to game on your mobile wherever you go.

Because of this competition between Nintendo and mobile gaming, Nintendo have always been very reluctant to allow Apple or Android to have Nintendo games to their device.

However Nintendo have realised the potential in mobile gaming, so have agreed to let Pokemon be played on iOS and Android devices.

It can be expected that Pokemon game apps for iOS and Android will be lauched later this year.

Nevertheless this move could be risky, as it could impact sales of the 3DS.

If people already have an iphone or Android phone it would be easy just to forget about getting a 3DS and just get the games easily on their mobile.

Mobiles now process high quality graphics, and high speed processors that can deal with complex games.

However, there’s bound to be strong demand for Pokemon apps regardless, and hopefully more Nintendo games will be released to the mobile gaming world.

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  1. Shadow says:

    Well, no part of the problem is Nintendo doesn’t own all the rights for Pokemon

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