Loewe Art 37 100Hz LED TV launched

Like most Art, this 37 inch 100Hz Loewe beast is pretty darn pricey
Darren Allan

July 19, 2011

Loewe, renown manufacturer of funky and high quality but expensive TV sets, has announced a new addition to its Art range which the company claims is the “perfect transition to next level entertainment”.

Loewe’s Art 37 LED television is, as you can probably guess, a 37 inch LED TV which Loewe has positioned in its “upper mid-range” of sets.

The Art moniker refers to its classic design lines, with Loewe describing it as elegant in proportions, coming in three colours: high gloss black, chrome silver or “comfortably warming mocha” (presumably not an effect which makes it look like someone’s spilled coffee down your pricey HDTV).

In terms of the panel, the TV benefits from an edge LED backlight and 100Hz processing, and boasts full HD (of course) with 24p motion picture display.

Sound-wise, as you’d expect Loewe provides integrated speakers with some power – twin 20 watt speakers plus a 40 watt sub delivers “precise treble, a clear midrange, and powerful bass.” The set also comes with built-in AC3 and DTS for 5.1 sound systems.

We’re not done with the specs yet. The Art 37 also has a media portal incorporated, with MediaHome allowing you to view photos or video stored on the home network or a USB stick in full-size quality on-screen.

MediaNet also grants access to online content such as videos on the net or online radio, which can be taped for those who have an integrated DR+ hard disk. Although cleverly, those who don’t push their budget to the hard drive can still record onto an external drive or stick via USB. An intuitive, easy to use interface is promised.

We can round all this off with a bit of green friendliness, with the Art having an energy consumption of just 0.35 watts in standby. Power management chicanery also reduces the brightness according to ambient light levels, saving further on the leccy bill.

So, the price for the Loewe Art 37? Well, it’s a mere snip at around £2,000, with the exact price depending on the options you choose.

And when we say a snip, we mean it’s akin to a nasty operation, although at least one that’s just on your wallet.


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