Google+ chases celebs

Google is chasing celebrities to join its social network to bring the masses in

July 20, 2011

Google+ is set to woo the big names of Hollywood, chasing Twitter style celebrity endorsement.

The new social networking site from search giant Google is set to draw up a ‘celebrity acquisition plan’ it seems.

With millions of users flocking to the site which is still in a developmental stage, it appears Google wants some of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour to rub off on its site.

Brett Schulte, a Hollywood event organiser at Tweet House, told CNN that he has discussed the project.
“They seemed to be very interested in having celebrities.”

Not that William Shatner will agree. He was reportedly booted off recently when his account was mistakenly deactivated yesterday.

But a new feature will hope to put an end to mistaken identities.

In a similar vein to Twitter’s ‘verified’ logo Google will soon be able to distinguish wannabes from the real thing.

Google is keeping schtum on any talk of plans for celebs however, stating that it “isn’t yet sharing any details on future plans around Google+.”

“We plan to add a lot of features and functionality to Google+ over time,” a spokesman said in a statement.

So whether avid tweeter and renowned mentalist Charlie Sheen will be targeted is unclear.

There are currently 10 million users on Google+, with an invitation only system in place at the moment to keep numbers down.

Though we guess that celebs will find that, as in real life, doors that are currently closed to us mere mortals will be swiftly opened for them.

But Google’s chasing of household names could be vital if it was to compete as a later-comer to the social network table.

Twitter has found that celeb endorsement has helped in its popularity, with public figures such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga drawing in millions of followers.


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