Acer to snap up iGware cloud experts

PC giant hopes profits will look up with a little help from the cloud

July 22, 2011
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Acer has announced its plan to acquire the US cloud technology company iGware, as it looks to diversify.

The purchase price is apparently set at $320 million, with another $75 million to be forked out based on future performance targets being hit, adding up to a $395 million potential spend.

Long term investment is the aim, with iGware’s technology being used to bolster Acer’s own wispy online offering, the Acer Cloud.

iGware is described as a leading provider when it comes to cloud tech, dealing with entire eco-systems down to personal clouds. The company currently supports over 100 million consumer devices worldwide, with Nintendo being a major client in terms of the Wii, iDS and 3DS – and the upcoming Wii U, too.

Acer says it sees cloud tech as a “major industry trend” – and it certainly isn’t alone there. And in the near future, the company will begin work with iGware to integrate its technology, with products utilising Acer Cloud services expected to launch from next year.

JT Wang, Acer Chairman and CEO, commented: “The goal of Acer Cloud is to allow our users enjoy and manage all their ICT devices, contents and resources with ease, by integrating all Acer products including PCs, tablets and smart handheld devices within a safe and secure environment.”

Post-merger, iGware will become Acer Cloud Technology Company.

Acer is doubtless hoping the strengthening cloud market will be a lucrative avenue, as its primary PC business has fallen on hard times recently.

The company has slipped from third place to fourth in the global PC manufacturer pecking-order this year, being overtaken by Lenovo and dropping from a 14% market share to 11% – a serious slowdown.


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