Budget-less DSLR movie reaches #43 in iTunes chart

Indie film shot with just a camera storms to profits of $200K
Kerry Butters

July 22, 2011

A low budget independent film made by two brothers has climbed into the iTunes 100 top movies after grossing over $200K in iTunes sales.

The black and white film ‘For Lovers Only’ reached number 43 in the iTunes chart at one point, and has a customer 5 star rating on the iTunes preview.

Brothers Mark & Michael Polish filmed the project over twelve days using a DSLR camera, editing the results on a computer, with no money spent on production or cast.

Starring Mark as the lead actor alongside Stana Katic, the romance movie tells the story of a journalist who runs into a lover from her past and then travels around France with him.

Costs were kept to a minimum, and expenses were limited to food, hotels and taxi travel during filming. Marketing was similarly inexpensive as the team used social networking and word of mouth to promote the film.

In an interview with Films de Lover, the Polish brothers said that the idea of the film was a homage to the ‘Nouvelle Vague’ French films and that there “has always been a great desire for filmmakers just to pick up a camera and shoot without rules.”

Michael went on to explain that “traditional ways of making movies have a lot of moving parts, financing being the biggest hurdle. Technology has now provided moviemakers with an extremely high quality image. And the price for that technology is very reasonable now.”

The reviews for the film certainly seem to reflect the quality. One viewer on the iTunes store commented that: “This is one film you do not want to miss. The endless beauty it evokes will render you speechless. It is, by far, the most beautiful, heartwarming, heartbreaking, and realistic love story you will ever watch.”

The score, by Munich-born Kubilai Uner has also received attention, one reviewer raving that the “score and music is to die for.”

Mark said that the music was something they felt they had to pay attention to as it is “the emotional back-bone” of the story.

Certainly it seems that romance is the key theme here – audiences love an independent, low-budget, Hollywood-beating film and when one is described as having flawless cinematography and a stunning script, it warms the heart.


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