Giving up digital devices worse than quitting booze

Giving up the net harder than giving up drink, drugs, and booze says report
Matthew Finnegan

Giving up online connectivity is as bad as quitting the fags and booze a new report has shown.

Around 53 percent of Brits get the hump when forced to go cold-turkey from Facebook and the like, with 40 percent even claiming to feel lonely when they can’t get online.

The research by Intersperience showed that there is a ‘digital dependency’ on web-connected device such as smartphones.

And they are not joking. One survey participant reportedly said that giving up technology is like having their “hand chopped off”.

Another, only slightly less dramatic participant, called it their “biggest nightmare” to be deprived of internet connectivity.

Part of the project was to get through a whole day without using any technology, but many refused to turn their phone off, saying it was “inconceivable” to be without any online or digital connection for even a day.

Not surprisingly it was more difficult for young people to remove themselves, while those over 40 were able to more easily give up access.

Around 23 percent even said that they liked the idea of not being an internet connection, saying that they would in fact feel “free” when released from the shackles of the likes of social media and text-messaging.

“Online and digital technology is increasingly pervasive. Our ‘Digital Selves’ research shows how just dominant a role it now assumes,” said Paul Hudson, Chief Executive of Intersperience.

“The resulting stepchange in the way we engage with technology has occurred faster than many of us had anticipated.”

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